Meet Farzana Siddique – The first woman Vice President of Faislabad Press Club and one of the few female crime reporters of Pakistan

Farzana Siddique is known to be the first-ever woman to be elected as the Faislabad Press Club’s vice president in about 30 years. She was born in Layyah, which is her hometown. She completed LLB Hons and then developed an interest in journalism.

Farzana realized that journalism was her passion and started her journey as a journalist in 2015, working with 92 News channel. After working as a court reporter at the channel till 2018, she went for crime reporting with a news channel within Faisalabad, ’24 News HD’s City 41.’

Farzana is the first ‘lady crime reporter’ from Faisalabad. In an interview with a reputed media outlet, Siddique revealed that she initially faced many obstacles and negative remarks from her fellow journalists. She was also told that women could not go to murder sites, and hence, she was always let down by those around her.

She gives a lot of credit for where she stands and her success to her senior, the bureau chief of City 41, Zafar Dogar as he never restricted her from doing anything professionally and offered her his endless support.

Farzana Siddique was character assassinated and was told that she wouldn’t be able to achieve her dreams. However, she believes if media organizations give women a safe space, they can do whatever they want. She never let anything get in her way because her motivation and passion told her not to stop and prove those around her ‘wrong.’ Her sheer dedication was what made her dominate over others and gain respect in all spheres of life.

The crime reporter gives a message to all the women hearing her. She tells women not to be ‘blackmailed’ and stand firmly against everyone who lets them down. She believes that nothing can stop them on the road to success if they are passionate about achieving their goals. Moreover, she also aims at giving women workshops to motivate them.

Here is Farzana Siddique’s complete interview:

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