Imamia Disaster Cell: Women guarding Imam Bargahs and Churches

Scouts of IDC, comprising college and university students, guard not only at imam bargah’s but also at the church.

The wave of extremism in Pakistan has re-initiated in recent years. With the cases of mob-lynching, hate-speech, and intolerance, the hope seems to fade every single day.

However, with this blanket of darkness intensified by communal violence in Pakistan, many individuals and communities on their own have taken the initiative of helping and protecting the vulnerable and helpless.

One such individual is Syeda Gul Zahra, who established the Imamia Disaster Cell (IDC) with the slogan of saving lives.


Scouting was formally introduced during the pre-independence years. And today, the scout groups all across the country are registered with the national or provincial scouting organizations.

 Scout members are then trained according to the syllabus prepared by the scouting organization. The training involves first aid, disaster management, basic bomb disposal techniques, and self-defense.

Imamia Disaster Cell

Since its beginning in 2014, IDC is providing services to people when it comes to health, education, jobs, and natural disasters. Along with state security personnel, around 400 IDC volunteers are serving as scouts at various locations. The majority of the workers are women but men are also part of this cell.

Gul Zahra, as a founder of the organization, trains and deploys workers. Volunteers are stationed at various places like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujrat, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

These volunteers are stationed at entrances of the imam bargah’s and their responsibility is to inspect every person that arrives.

Scouts of IDC, comprising college and university students, guard not only at imam bargah’s but also at the church. They have no weapons, but despite the dangers, their spirit is strong.

Along with First Aid, IDC volunteers are taught to cope with emergencies and overcome outrush situations.

Gul Zahra says state agencies do their best to control the situation. However, perhaps they do not have enough resources hence citizens should go ahead and support institutions to tackle terrorism.

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  • Syed Zain says:

    Good Job Done IDC at Procession of 10th Muharra-ul-Harram.
    Keep it up,Impressive Duty.
    Regards:Syed Zain

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