Meet Aisha Mughal – Pakistan’s first transgender person to be appointed as a Federal Officer!

Aisha Mughal was born a male baby. A baby that knew growing up that she was a girl. As Aisha grew older, she realised that she wasn’t an ordinary girl, she was a transgender female.

She lived in a society where being transgender was not accepted. Trans women were told “Mard bano” “Be a man” and many even pose as men to be able to secure jobs that they’d otherwise be denied – just because of their identity.

Aisha was told by her family to do the same, to hide her true identity, live and act like a man, work as a man or they’ll disown her.

This is a reality of almost all trans-people in Pakistan. They’re told to keep their truth hidden or they won’t be accepted in the society, they won’t be able to hold a respectable job and the worst of all, they’ll be disowned by their families.

Aisha proved this way of thinking wrong.

She completed her high school education from Oman and moved back to Pakistan. Here, she completed her BBA from Comsats university and went on to do her Masters degree too!

Being highly qualified she also ended up teaching at Quaid-e-Azam University, becoming the first transgender person to be a Lecturer in Pakistan!

Impressed? You haven’t even heard of most of her accomplishments yet!

She did her fair share of humanitarian work and eventually joined the Ministry of Human Rights of Pakistan and works as a “Transgender rights expert”- once again becoming the first transgender person to be appointed in a Federal Ministry in the country.

She wasn’t done yet. She represented Pakistan at the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Committee in Geneva. This made Pakistan, the first country to have a legally recognised transgender woman in its delegation.

She continues to put in the work every day that makes a real difference. She’s literally changing lives.

All her work has done wonders for the transgender community of Pakistan. Today, She stands as an example. If she can do all of this, anyone can.Today, Aisha is an inspiration for everyone. All of the people of Pakistan can learn from her and be someone that makes a difference.

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