Maryam Mujtaba – the first woman commercial pilot from Azad Kashmir

Maryam Mujtaba is the first ever woman to become a commercial pilot from Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK). Maryam revealed that she was always into planes and aspired to become a part of the aviation industry herself.

AJK’s president, Sardar Masood Khan, thinks that Mujtaba is an inspiration for the young women because of her contributions.

In 2011, Mujtaba stepped into Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as a cadet pilot. She got her training from academies in America and Rawalpindi and completed her flying hours through domestic flights. After the completion of her flying hours, she got promoted as a first officer. Maryam now operates the PIA Airbus A320 aircraft in a number of countries around the globe.

In an interview recently with a reputed media outlet, she talked about how the idea of woman flying planes always inspired her even as a child. She also talked about how she never faced any kind of discrimination in aviation being a woman.

Maryam Mujtaba believes that the young women should become pilots and if they are in other fields, they should always be confident with whatever they do.

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