Meet Marwa Tariq, the woman who passed UK’s toughest Bar exam two months after giving birth!

When it comes to Pakistani women, they don’t let anything stand between them and their dreams. Whatever the obstacle ought to be, they will overcome it. Such a strong-headed individual is Marwa Tariq, an LLB and Bar Professional Training Program graduate from London, UK.

Marwa’s inspiring story

What makes her so achievement so remarkable is that she gave the BAR exams two months after giving birth to her second son. Tariq was married at the young age of 21 but did not want to give up on her passion for becoming a lawyer. She gave her first-year LLB exams when six months pregnant with her first child and later took a year off. Marwa then started her second year when her son was one. Working really hard, she juggled picking and dropping her son off at daycare, while attending classes.

After completing her law degree with first-class honors, Marwa started the Bar Professional Training Course, which is England’s toughest program to clear in the first attempt. During that time, she was pregnant with her second son. To make matters even more difficult for her, COVID-19 hit the world. This meant all her classes would be online, and the students were unable to get a proper education. Tariq prepared for the exam while being pregnant and taking care of her 3-year-old son. Although the difficulties were endless, she passed nine Bar school exams while being pregnant.

Her second child came into the world via an emergency caesarian (c-section), and she was left with less with two months to prepare for three extremely tough and final Bar exams. These exams were scheduled back to back over a period of three days. But, despite all the hardships, she found out that not only had she passed in the first go, but she did so with excellent grades.

Tariq is all set to be called to the Bar of England and Wales. For a news outlet, she penned down that she was looking forward to having both her kids by her side during this special moment. Her future plan is to move to Lahore and apply for the Punjab Bar, and practice Family Law in Pakistan.

The lawyer’s aspirations are to empower women, who are consistently struggling to juggle family with careers. She thinks that once they get married at an early age, women feel like they have to give up on their career goals to become housewives. She wants to be an inspiration to all the girls, and show them they can achieve everything with resilience.

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