Meet Malaika Zahid – A fierce boxer from Balochistan

Malaika Zahid is a Balochi teenager who has a passion for boxing. Malaika grew up in Balochistan, where people are still set on a very orthodox mindset, and women aren’t allowed to fly high, but the boxer made sure that nobody chopped her wings. She fulfilled her dream and even changed her appearance to commit to her passion.

Malaika cut her hair short and gave herself a masculine appearance to become ‘gender unrecognizable’ while in the ring. She started her training when she was just 10 in a ‘boys academy’ as it was the only option available. But, she often had to face sexism and wasn’t treated equally, people would give her critical looks because of her gender. This was when the young boxer decided to transform herself to end the negative gender-biased comments.

Malaika Zahid has currently been a part of around 10 national boxing competitions and was declared the ‘best boxer’ in 6 of them. She has won a silver medal in National Games in Peshawar and 4 gold medals in the interprovincial championships.

After achieving a lot at such a young age on national level, this girl aims for higher and wants to show her skills and passion at an international level. Wishing her more success in the process.

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