Meet Maheen Sohail: A product designer who is breathing life into historical photos through AI

Product Designer by profession, Maheen Sohail is adding life to the old historical Pakistani pictures under her project named ‘Rangeen Pakistan.’ These photos are a depiction of the rich Pakistani culture. They take you back in time and are truly refreshing.

Maheen posted more than 30 such pictures on her Instagram, and people loved it. From Quaid-e-Azam’s old pictures to Imran Khan’s uncolored photos, she has roused all of these clicks.

Sohail is also a member of the platform that built Facebook’s first two social VR experiences named Facebook Spaces and Facebook Horizons. Before this, she has worked as a designer for immersive media formats like 180 and 360VR. She is also a pro at making documentaries related to design and guides for travelers and is a storyteller.

Here are some pictures by Maheen:

Maheen Sohail has definitely put a lot of thought into the process and has triggered so many sentiments. Pakistanis are loving her work.

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