Lahore’s Hunain, Islamabad’s Haleema – Private institutions’ greed now wants our lives

Be it 23 years old Haleema or young Hunain, private institutions have kept their priorities defined and straight – MONEY! With parents protesting against the unjustified fee hike every two months and the courts repeatedly snubbing the commercialization of education, the private institutions continue to milk people at the cost of their mental wellbeing…and now their lives as well.

Days after professor’s beating took a student’s life in Lahore, another vibrant, beautiful and young life has been claimed by the greed of private university. Haleema Amin was a student of Bahria university’s Islamabad campus. A student of the second semester fell from the fourth floor of a new university block that is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

In the greed to enroll as many students a possible for the new session, they used the new under-construction building. Though it was in works, the classes were scheduled in it without any warning signs, cameras or precautionary warnings.

After the building’s weak infrastructure broke it, she was taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) in the afternoon. When she was shifted there, she was conscious but had suffered multiple fractures and injuries. She passed away at 4:30 pm, but her family was still not informed about her condition and her dead body was taken back by the same staff members who brought her to the hospital.

The administration says that she fell while taking a ‘selfie’. The police were not allowed to inspect the area and the university administration told that they will themselves make the report and share.

With an increasing fee, every other semester, taking students in two sessions, rules for gender segregation and a bizarre focus on dress policy, the top high-end institutions are even failing to provide basic protection and safety to the students.

But, who is responsible? Will the ordeal end up in a proper action or the matter will be diffused like hundreds’ others? And in either case, can anything ever compensate for the loss?

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