LAHORE: Video of father mercilessly beating his daughter for not turning on their water motor viral on social media

In a video that made rounds on social media, an elderly man can be seen brutally thrashing his daughter. The clip has angered the social media community, who call for action against the abuser. They are residents of Gulberg area in Lahore.

Ironically, the abuser in the video is none other than the victim’s own father. The man, identified as Ishaq Khan, lost his temper when his daughter forgot to turn the water motor on. Missing out on a menial task leads to the young woman being subjected to worse physical abuse. The man can be seen repeatedly beating and verbally abusing her.

According to the media reports, the video was shot by the victim’s brother. Speaking to a local source, the victim, 20 years old Nimra said that her father regularly subjects her to physical abuse. Not just her, she added, that he beats up her siblings as well.

My brother made the video and it went viral. I want protection now.

said Nimra, speaking to media.

Nimra has requested the authorities to save her as the video going viral on social media has put her life in danger.

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