Meet Karishma: A football star from Pakistan who made her way into the list of ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’

23-year-old Karishma Ali is the first girl from Chitral, who represented Pakistan on an international level in football.

Her team was the first one from the country to take part in the AFL International Cup. Moreover, she played on behalf of Pakistan in Jubilee Games in Dubai. The power lady was also named in ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ back in 2019, where her name stood with stars like Naomi Osaka and Owen Wright.

The football player had to face some difficulties in her road to success. People threatened to stop her from pursuing her dreams. However, her father stood firm by her side and became the support and motivation she needed.

She is currently the president of Chitral’s Women Sports Club and has successfully inspired many from her hometown to come into the sport.

Other than this, she also initiated the Chitral Women’s Handicraft Centre. Karishma also met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the purpose.
Her achievements do not end here; she was also part of the Milan Fashion Week, where she walked alongside fashion designer Stella Jean.

Karishma Ali has done a lot of social work, especially during COVID-19, and has proven to be there when the country needed her. She believes she has more to achieve and more to do to serve Chitral and her country. She has made us proud. More power to her, and may she grow and glow.

Here’s Karishma’s interview:

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