WATCH: Meet Horeya Asmat, a female dhol-player from Lahore, who is bravely challenging stereotypes!

Horeya Asmat is a female ‘dhol player’ from Lahore. You will find her at weddings or mazaar’s where the crowd will probably be cheering and dancing to her beats. She is an extra-ordinary drummer from Pakistan, who is multi-talented and breaking boundaries.

Horeya Asmat – the female drummer of Pakistan

In an interview, Horeya explained how she developed an interest in drumming. She said that the drum has many emotional sentiments attached to it, as it reminds her of her late son. She added that she left everything and made drumming her full-time passion.

Asmat also shared what she faced in the very beginning when she took drumming as her full-time job. People stared at her with questionable eyes because it is not ordinary in Pakistan for women to be a ‘dhol player.’ However, gradually people started to accept her. When she played in the crowd, people found the sight so unique that they cheered for her, which helped boost Horeya’s confidence.

Horeya Asmat believes Sufism and spiritualism are essential elements that an individual needs to be a dhol player. She fearlessly follows her passion without caring what anyone would say. Nothing can keep her from achieving her dreams. More power to her.

Know more about Horeya through this video:

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