Meet Hina Bukhari, the first-ever Muslim Pakistani woman to be elected in the London Assembly

In an exciting new development, Pakistan’s Hina Bukhari has become the first-ever Muslim Pakistani female to be elected in London’s Assembly. She contested for the position from the platform of Liberal Democrats.

In the London Assembly, there are 25 elected members and they are responsible to audit the work and activities of the mayor. Another duty of the assembly is to amend the annual budget for Greater London and approving projects in the city.

The 45-year-old was also the first Muslim woman to be elected as a Merton Council councilor back in 2018 local bodies elections. For more than 20 years, she has been working as a primary school teacher.

Hina’s father, Syed Naz Bukhari is from Lahore. He was the teacher of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan and was the UK’s first Muslim headteacher.

While talking to a news outlet, Hina said that she feels pride in becoming the first Muslim woman to occupy this position. She added that it was her father’s wish for her to pursue a career in public service and leave a legacy behind for the future generations.

Her aim is to provide hope for other women from ethnic minority backgrounds and wants to give them confidence through her work.

“I will ask Pakistani women to come forward and get involved. If I can help you, then, please come to me. That is the only way forward, despite the adversity and challenge”, Hina said.

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