Dua Mangi and Bisma Saleem’s kidnappers arrested including an ex-police officer

You have to be living under a rock to have missed the news of the kidnappings that happened in 2019. The two that rattled everyone were those of Bisma Saleem and Dua Nisar Mangi.

Both young women were kidnapped from DHA Karachi. In a way that left the perpetrators untraceable. Social media blew up trying to find them and both returned to their homes after the ransom was paid.

The cases were extremely similar and both of the women’s families reported that they were recovered by their personal efforts.

Months later, the police finally have some answers.

They’ve just arrested 2 of the 5 gang members who were involved in these kidnappings. The most shocking part of all of this is that one of them is a former police officer himself.

Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon confirmed that they have the two men arrested named Zohaib Qureshi and Muzaffar while raids are still being conducted and they’re hopeful they’ll have the remaining three former police ASI Agha Mansoor, Shakeel and Kamran under arrest very soon as well.

Chief Memon said that the men were inspired by a movie. The former police officer Mansoor along with Qureshi came up with the whole plan, they used a rented apartment in the Clifton area to keep the girls captive and kept themselves anonymous using technology while keeping the girls blindfolded so they couldn’t identify them either. They switched cars multiple times during the actual kidnapping which led to the captives not really knowing how far they were from where they were taken from.

The men under arrest confessed to their crimes during the interrogation.

Along with kidnapping they also shot and severely injured Dua’s friend Haris Fatah, who is still on his road to recovery.

This happens to be a few out of hundreds of cases that ended up with all of the perpetrators identified and the police working on arresting all of them. Online bullies that still go after the survivors of traumatising ordeals like this and try to make it look like they did something that led to them going through this are vile. Asking them questions over and over again as if they owe you any answers, or acting like their trauma is a facade is NOT okay.

The survivors don’t owe you any answers or explanations.

These kidnappings were planned to the T. They happened in areas with security cameras, other people around and they were at random. They could have taken absolutely anyone. Next time you think about trolling the survivors online while you hide behind the screen, think to yourself “It could’ve just as easily been you”.

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