Meet Dr. Wardah Inam, creator of ‘Overjet’, a project that is helping in the most challenging problems in dentistry

Dr. Wardah Inam came up with the idea of a dental start with the name of ‘Overjet.’ She is a Ghulam Ishaq Khan ‘gold medal winner’ and an achiever of MIT Graduate’s ‘Women of Excellence Award.’

The innovative startup – Overjet 

The startup’s idea struck Wardah’s mind after she went for a dental appointment. At the time, she was doing Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. She noticed how her previous dentist gave a different diagnosis than the current one. This difference made her come up with the innovative ideas of using AI in dentistry so an individual will get the same and genuine diagnosis no matter where they go.

The Overjet software is developed to examine reports and x-rays of patients and aid the doctors in proposing an appropriate diagnosis. According to Wardah, the software has the capability of learning. Whenever an x-ray is fed into the software, it examines it thoroughly and then tells the medical conditions it has detected. The pathology detected is highlighted in no time, which otherwise is quite a time taking process.
Another big benefit of this software is that the patient will get to know if the insurance company will pay for the treatment instantly.
Dr. Wardah was provided a fund of $7.85 million for the improvement of the startup.

Dr. Wardah Inam was named in the ’32 Most Influential People’ of the year by the American magazine, ‘Incisal Edge,’ for her golden achievements. She gives all of the credit to MIT, her talented team, and the educational years in Pakistan. She says she learned engineering fundamentals in her country and that helped her a lot in the process.

Dr. Wardah is definitely a pride for the nation. Wishing her more success in all spheres of life.

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