Meet Dr. Iffat Aga, the first Pakistani woman to win the ‘Elevate Prize Foundation Award’ for her telemedicine app

Making her way in Pakistan’s healthcare department, Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga has become the first Pakistani woman to be awarded the Elevate Prize Foundation Award 2020.

The co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the ‘Sehat Kahani App,’ was chosen from 1,300 participants from 119 countries.

“After winning the Prize I feel ecstatic – for the first time a woman from Pakistan winning the Prize feels great – it also adds an element of further responsibility on me and my organization to ensure we can give back to the community and the entire country and make more avenues for healthcare access within Pakistan”, she said.

For her work in empowering women, and the provision of affordable healthcare services, Aga will be given $5 million and mentorship from renown leaders across the world.

The Sehat Kahani App

Aga’s application ‘Sehat Kahani App’ is a telemedicine service providing healthcare facilities at a really affordable cost. It connects people with basic healthcare professionals.

The app allows people to record their previous medical history and chat. They can also have video/audio consultation from professionals.

The app in itself is definitely a revolutionary step for Pakistan’s healthcare industry. Not only is it providing affordable healthcare services, but it is doing so from the comfort of one’s home.

Learn more about the app here:

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