Lahore: 8-year-old domestic helper physically abused for stealing ‘milk’

An 8-year-old ‘Domestic Helper’ was brutally beaten by her employer, for stealing milk in Lahore.

Sana was working in Wapda Town at Hammad Raza’s house. Her employers used to torture her frequently.
According to news outlets, Punjab Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) rescued the girl. Sana was said to have bruises indicating physical abuse on her body. CPWB came into action after someone called on their helpline i.e. 1121, and informed them of the incident.

Chairperson of CPWB Sarah Ahmed said the girl had been working for about 7 months at Hammad’s house. Her monthly vague was Rs.5,000. She further told that when the girl was rescued, there were burn marks on her neck and back along with injuries on her feet and hands. She said that on her neck, she had been ‘scalded’ with hot water. There was also a ‘deep gash’ on her wrist which was made with a knife.

The child was not only beaten heartlessly but also kept hungry for ‘five days.’ Moreover, she will be presented in the court after which a medical examination will be done according to the court’s orders. Then an FIR will be lodged in the police station.

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