‘Chahiye kya Pakistanio?’, Cyclist Samar Khan’s answer to users criticizing her tattoo

Cyclist Samar Khan receives hate for tattoo!

Mountain cyclist from Pakistan, Samar Khan made headlines after cycled her way to the K2 base camp. People were lauding her efforts, as she was the first female cyclist to have achieved this milestone.

However, many people could not digest her achievements and accused her of faking the entire thing. To reply to everyone, she posted a video of her cycling on the Godwin Austen Glacier.

Samar Khan replies to critics over K2 base camp controversy

The tattoo ‘controversy’

Recently, she is again facing negative remarks from the public. She informed her followers that she had gotten a permanent tattoo from Russia. The tattoo is a war helmet and arrows. Samar said that she got this tattoo during her sports tour.

She then shared a photo of a social media user criticizing her for getting a tattoo.

The cyclist replied to this on her Instagram story. She said that Pakistanis have a problem with everything she does. She is criticized for wearing sports attire, cycling, and getting a tattoo.

Samar Khan's reply to netizen criticizing her tattoo

“What do you want Pakistanis?”, she wrote.

Samar Khan’s journey

Khan is the only female cyclist to reach K2’s base camp. She cycles from Askole, to the base camp.

She is also the first Pakistani to summit Burbucho peak in Shigar’s Arandu and Mount Kilimanjaro on a cycle.

Samar said that she did the journey in fragments as it is not possible to ride the bike the entire journey. She shared the entire trip with her followers on social media to keep them updated too.

Khan had no one to teach her mountain biking, this was one of the toughest hurdles she had to face. What’s even more impressive is that she learned everything by herself. According to her, biking has transformed her life.

Watch her interview here:

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  • Huma says:

    The big problem of our peoples is used abuse and unbearable language.
    they only look all that nonsense things .
    People do not think that any human being either male or female how they does hard work to achieve success and they are shining the name of our country.

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