How is it being Yasin Malik’s Wife? Mushaal Malik’s recent interview makes waves on the internet

For Kashmiris, war, pain, and the struggle for freedom have been a consistent fight. India’s militarised oppression in the region has made generations suffer.

Not only the common man, the life of Kashmir’s political, particularly those advocating the right of self-determination, has been an ordeal in itself.

Freedom fighter Yasin Malik and Mushaal Malick’s journey, particularly their marital life, reflects the struggle of the pro-freedom in Kashmir. In their ten years of marriage, the couple has spent only 60 days together.

Belonging from the land of unfortunate, Srinagar, Yasin Malik is Chairman of Kasmir Liberation Front (JKLF). JKLF advocates freedom for Kashmiri people, opposing its annexation with India or Pakistan.

Initially, JKLF started its armed struggle for Kashmir cause but in 1994, they laid the arms down and moved towards a peaceful fight for it.

”Every moment I spent with Yasin is memorable. It will stay with me forever”.

– Mushaal Malik, while speaking to Independent Urdu

Mushaal is hopeful that Yasin will one day see the dawn of freedom and their family will reunite, again. She said that when they got married, Pakistan-India relationships were considerably at a stable point so they faced no difficulties in acquiring visas.

Yasin is currently imprisoned in Tihar jail. He is facing charges of attacking members of Indian Airforce and abduction of former CM Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti’s sister.

Mushaal herself comes from a political background. She is the daughter of PMLN Women Wing’s former president Rehana Malik. They both met for the first time back in 2005, when Yasin came to Pakistan for a picture exhibition.

”I never thought I will get married to him. He was a hero for me, just like other Pakistanis. He is still my hero”, Mushaal said.

”Before going back to India, he called my mother, thanking her. He expressed the wish to talk to me and proposed me for marriage. I could not believe it. I was so pleasantly shocked”.

After the proposal, Mushaal pulled out books and articles on Yasin’s life, impressing her even more. She faced strong resistance from her own family members for marrying an Indian but she convinced everyone.

Mushaal believes that God picked Yasin for her. She currently resides in Pakistan and runs an organization with the name ”Peace and Culture” – advocating peace and stability for the people of Kashmir.


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