Ayeza Khan sets an example of how parenting is done right, even during a pandemic

Ayeza Khan is one of the most prominent names in the Pakistani entertainment industry right now. She’s worked very hard over the course of her whole career and has garnered a huge fan following. People see her as an inspiration and look up to her and she’s actually doing her best to use her influence for good.

Pakistani actresses were traditionally considered more “valuable” if they weren’t mothers. Being a mother was admitting they’re “old” (like that’s a bad thing?) and would be less likely considered as leads for TV and film.

In 2020, actresses no longer stand for that. They’re proud of who they are, whether it’s them being single, married, divorced, moms or not moms – their identity is their pride.

Ayeza Khan took to Instagram and uploaded a series of photos and videos to her Instagram in the wake of the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 about how parents should take this time with their children and use it in the best way possible.

The first one was about how you educate your children about the virus itself:


Following this, she uploaded a video of her daughter properly washing her hands. This can serve as a great guide for all children to follow as washing your hands regularly is essential to fight the virus.

The next post was about the importance of limiting screentime right now. Encouraging your children to read books instead is a better way for them to spend their time rather than being glued to an iPad all day long.


And finally, she ends it with the importance of an adequate amount of sleep. This is essential for both children and adults. It’s important to sleep enough and have a proper routine whether you’re going to schools and offices or not. Your body and mind need the rest regardless.


This is a great guide for everyone. The pandemic has left everyone confused about their lives. Everything has changed so quickly that we’ve lost direction. It’s great to see celebrities using their platforms for the better of their audience, trying to educate them in times like this where everyone is frazzled. This will end up helping a lot of people all at once.

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