Ayesha Omar talks about her difficult childhood

Pakistani Actress Ayesha Omar was on a Ramzan Transmission where she was asked about how her childhood was. Her reply was something that none of us would’ve expected. We’re used to seeing Ayesha Omar as the style icon that can’t seem to take a bad picture. You’d think that she’s been dabbling into fashion her whole life to gain all that style knowledge – but that’s far from the truth.

She revealed that her father passed away when she was only 2-years-old. With his passing, they lost everything. Even though her father was part of Pakistans first construction company, her mother didn’t have a part in it. She was left to raise her children alone.

With no family support, her mother had to take up a job as a teacher in Lahore Grammar School, where Ayesha and her siblings studied on merit scholarships. This was because she didn’t have anyone to look after her children when she was at work. To make ends meet, her mother leased a Van and ran a pick and drop service from the school as well.

Talk about having a supermom!

She further added that because of the financial constraints she never really had access to new clothes growing up. Her wardrobes were filled with hand-me-downs from her cousins and they’d occasionally get a new outfit on Eid.

Ayesha had richer friends as a child. She’d see what they had and like any other child, she felt a little envious and wished she had those things too. So, she made sure to work hard and make a name for herself and reached where she is today.

Now, being at a place in life where she has access to designers and can experiment with fashion, she loves to do it all! and she does it amazingly well. Ayesha has won several awards based on her style and fashion sense!

It’s crazy to think that the public figures that we think have always “had it all” might actually have come from lives that are all too familiar to our own. Hearing Ayeshas story and hearing how her mom did it all back in the day all on her own is one of the most inspiring things we’ve heard in a while. It goes to show that when a woman decides that she’s going to achieve something and puts her heart and soul into it – she can do anything.

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