Ary’s drama “Jhooti” starring Iqra Aziz openly challenges credibility of domestic abuse victims in Pakistan

This Sunday, ARY Digital released its upcoming drama “Jhooti”’s first official trailer.

We had been seeing teasers here and there but no one knew exactly what the show was going to be about. 

But the second the trailer dropped – so did a lot of people’s jaws. 

The trailer features Iqra Aziz, someone who’s been trending on social media following her recent wedding to Actor Yasir Hussain. People were excited to see her in another show ever since her super hit drama “Suno Chanda” ended. 

We see Iqra in distress, explaining to what seems like her family that she has been married off to an abuser. She cries out for help and asks them “don’t you see my bruises?” 

As she tries to convince them, we hear echoes of them calling her a liar. But she continues to ask why she’d have bruises if she were lying?

The trailer then cuts to her laughing proudly telling herself that she’s so good at lying even she would fall for her own lies!

This is seriously messed up. 

Pakistan still ranks as one of the top ten most dangerous countries for women.

Thousands of women are killed every year, even more face domestic violence. None of them are ever heard.

Since the rise of the #metoo movement, Pakistani women have finally gotten the courage to speak up against violence – this includes domestic violence. 

But we still hear “she’s probably making it up”, “why would he hit her?”, “I’ve worked with him, he’s such a nice guy yaar”, “baat ka batangar banati hain auratein” 

And Pakistan’s favorites: 

There are two sides to every story” & “Taali aik haath se nahin bajti” 

There’s only a handful of cases where women lie about abuse or assault. Many are labeled as liars when they can’t “prove” it – how can you prove domestic assault if you don’t have any fresh and visible scars to show for it? 

In a country with a highly impressionable audience, it’s really shocking and disgusting to see a show like this being released. 

The country that still can’t figure out a way to fully protect its women and children shouldn’t have a show aired on TV that will further vilify women that come out and want to fight against domestic abuse (or any abuse for that matter). 

The fact that these wrongfully-accused cases are like a needle in a haystack, it’s weird to see that these shows get approved and filmed in Pakistan. 

Sure, exceptions happen. But more often than not women are telling the truth and need to be heard. Their abusers need to be punished. Making money off of regular Pakistani women’s misfortune is extremely disgusting and unacceptable. 

To read more on Domestic Violence Against Women in Pakistan visit:

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