WATCH | Footballer Abiha Haider opens up about her struggles to success

Known across the globe for her talent and skills, Abhia Haider is a Pakistani footballer who plays as a midfielder for Pakistan Women’s National Football Team.

Her career as an athlete began in 2008, representing Islamabad Regional Team as a striker when she was only 12 years old. Although she was young, her abilities knew no limits. In 2010, she got selected for the national team and started playing as an attacking midfielder. Haider is the youngest player to debut from Pakistan at the tender age of 14 in an international game.

At national level, she played with the Islamabad Regional Team for six years, after which she joined Balochistan United F.C. in 2014, where the midfielder helped them become the national champions.

Abiha has many achievements, she was named in the list of ’30 Most Powerful Muslim Women In Sports’, has two Guinness World Records, a gold medal from the First Lady of Pakistan and won the ‘Best and Fairest’ award in 2017, Australia. Not just that, but when she was only 14 years old, she was invited to a Sports United Exchange Programme in the White House by Hillary Clinton.

Not only is Abiha a footballer, she also holds an LLB from the University of London (External Programme). In 2019, she was declared the National Law Scholar of Pakistan by Courting the Law.

Abiha’s TedTalk

In her TedTalk, Abiha talked about her struggles behind the scenes. She opened up about developing a fear of failure at a very young age and how being an introvert only added to the problem. To her, sports was a getaway from the frustrations and negativity of everyday life. Her parents saw potential in her and ensured she got her chance at success.

Watch the video here:

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