Aalia Rasheed praised by Indian media for her contribution to the development of broadcasting

Renowned sports journalist Aalia Rasheed has received a lot of praise from the Indian media for her contribution to the development of broadcasting in the country.

A publication named ‘Sportstar’ named Aalia amongst other famous faces in the field. Through her work, she has overcome challenges that include ‘gender insensitivity, taboos, and social barriers. She shined and became successful in her respective field despite the belief that ‘women can’t be an expert on sports’.

After Pakistan cricket team landed with the 1992 World Cup trophy, she was assigned the task of interviewing Imran Khan. Her male colleagues said that the task was ‘impossible’ for her, but despite suffering from fever, she did something special that day.

She climbed on the truck carrying the players, and interviewed Imran Khan. During an interview, Rasheed claimed that it was difficult to make space and emerge on the front in a field that is male-dominated.

“Sexist remarks, flirtation from those you get in contact with for information, including players, administrators and colleagues is a constant pressure”, she said.

She said that she had to also experience this behavior but remained calm. The start was challenging but with the increase in popularity, more and more women started to enter the field that was for ‘men only’.

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