SINDH: 13-year-old rape survivor gives birth, influential rapists released on bail

In a bone-chilling incident, a 13-year-old minor girl in Sindh was not only physically and sexually assaulted for days by the feudalist but the abuse also left her pregnant. The minor rape-survivor gave birth to an infant in Shaikh Zaid Hospital in Larkana district. The victim was shifted to hospital in police custody, as she continues to face threats from her alleged rapists.

Hospital sources report that the DNA samples of the newborn have been collected and sent to Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences’ forensic and molecular laboratory for examination.

FIR was registered against four men, including two unidentified suspects, at Civil Lines Police Station in Jacobabad. Police arrested accused Zafarullah Surhiyo and Kamran Pathan initially but both were later released on bail. The other two suspects, however, have been declared absconders.

Panicked and scared, the minor victim, who was 12 at the time of the incident, did not tell her mother till pregnancy was known.

Who Are The Alleged Rapists?

The victim’s mother told that her daughter used to go to Surhiyo’s residence as he used to provide free meals to the needy. The other accused, Kamran Pathan, is a Haleem vendor. The police have yet not been able to conclude who raped the girl and are still awaiting DNA test results. The victim’s mother, who is a widow, has appealed to the government and the courts to assure fair inquiry and justice.

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