Was the Biggest Jewel Robbery in the world done by young kids? See what was stolen!

The Green Vault, Germany.

The Green vault museum in Dresden city has been hit by a massive robbery Monday morning. The Bild newspaper described this guest as “probably the biggest art theft since World War II”.

Robbers broke into the “Green Vault” by cutting off the electrical supply of the whole square around the museum and then smashing a small window and climbed in through it. The power outage still left some security camera functioning which caught footage of them entering. The thieves are reportedly very small in stature because the window they used to enter couldn’t allow the average sized person to get through, which raises the question – were the robbers younger than initially anticipated? They also appeared to be athletic enough to get themselves through a really tricky spot.

Were the robbers younger than initially anticipated?

These robbers seem to really know the vault because they knew exactly where to go. They proceeded to break the cabinets of the jewelry section and allegedly have taken at least three sets of diamond jewelry, sapphire and rubies. The jewels are rumored to be valued at at least £1 billion!

But the director of Dresden’s state art collections, Marion Ackermann told the press,

“We cannot put an exact value on them because they are priceless”

This is what was stolen-

The Jewel Room (Juwelenzimmer), one of the rooms in the historic Green Vault (Gruenes Goelbe) at the Royal Palace in Dresden, eattsren Germany

The thieves were quick and calculated enough that they managed to take everything within a few minutes and drove off in an Audi A6 before the police had gotten to the scene.

the car was later found on fire in the city and is being examined by the Police’s forensics team for evidence.

Here’s a video of them mid-action!

“The treasures that are found in the Green Vault and the Dresden Royal Palace were hard-earned by the people of Saxony over many centuries,” Michael Kretschmer said.

“One cannot understand the history of our country, our state without the Green Vault and Saxony’s State Art Collections.”

This heist goes beyond the monetary value of these items, these robbers have taken away part of their history. Germany’s culture minister Monika Gruetters said “The theft of items which make up our identity as a nation of culture strikes at our hearts”.

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