Uber may not be as safe as you think & Sonam Kapoor confirmed just that

Uber has become very popular and some even may say, the most convenient means of transport in their daily life. This includes a lot of female students and working women who opt for this service because of its apparent transparency and security protocols. But how safe is Uber?

Be it a tiny errand you have to run or a meeting you’re getting late for, booking an uber is super simple and you can be on your way in no time. It’s as simple as that- or is it?

Quite recently, Renowned Bollywood Actress, Sonam Kapoor took to twitter to share a horrifying ordeal she had experienced at the hands of Uber, calling it one “scary” ride.

Replying to people who had asked her what had happened, she tweeted:

Uber officials responded 2 hours later, apologizing & asking her for more details on the matter-

Sonam, however, wasn’t taking any of their BS and straight-up slammed uber for their inadequate response team and completely ‘outdated system’.

Ironically(& unfortunately for Uber)yet another bot responded with the exact same response to Sonam’s complaint of their app ‘solely being run by bots’ and ‘multiple disconnected’ replies.

Talk about doing the wrong thing at the wrong time… *facepalm*

Sonam rested her case with a ‘robot’ emoticon as a reply to Uber’s tweet.

And the tweet-trolls went berserk!

This isn’t the first time an online booking-transportation service is being criticized for lack of security and bad customer service.

No to forget the fact, that none of these services have actual complaint lines where the customer can call in to register a complaint or talk to a ‘human’ customer service officer.

How effective and safe is it to contact customer service through the chat option on their app? Not to mention the availability of wifi and ample enough time, limit the actual effectiveness of this process.

Have you had such an experience while using any of these services? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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