This Rickshaw driver taking care of his wife is Husband Goals for the year 2020!

A Facebook user put up a Facebook picture that won everyone’s hearts.

The picture features a man who’s a rickshaw driver and a woman with him. Usually, rickshaws only have a driver in the front seat so seeing another person there prompted the passenger to ask who that was?

The driver replied Meri Begum hain (That’s my wife), he went on to say that she can’t stay home alone becauseYeh darti hai ghar pe(She gets scared on her own).

He permanently brings his wife with him to work every day instead.

The passenger proceeded to ask him if they had any children? If they do why don’t they help out in taking care of the wife instead?

He replied that she’s had 9 miscarriages.

Here’s the original post!

The trauma from them left her so distraught that she became bedridden and became mentally weak, she seemed like she’d never really be completely sane, ever again.

When this happened he decided to leave his day job as a mechanic and moved away from Karachi back to her so he could take care of her properly. When he got to her he realized that she wasn’t doing well physically or mentally so he decided to be with her full time.

For her treatment he sold his house, and spent it all trying to get her back to a stable state.

The passenger then asked if she’s his only wife. He replied “Jee, Meri pehli aur akhri biwi” (Yes, my first and last wife).

This comes as a very refreshing statement considering the usual route in Pakistan if one’s wife gets sick is to immediately plan for her departure and replace her with a second wife.

They then ask him if they have any family or relatives to help them out or not? He replied Sab hayat hain lekin saath nahin hain, halaat ne sab badal diya siwaye humari muhabbat ke (They’re all alive but they aren’t with us. Time has changed everything around us but our love)

Lastly, they asked him, “Doesn’t it get tough for you?”

He repliedAllah ka shukar hai, ab yeh theek hai, khaana bhi paka leti hai, apna aap bhi sambhal leti hai. Woh waqt bhi tha keh 6 saal tak meine ghar bhi sambhala aur mazdhuri bhi ki, magar humney kabhi Khuda ka saath nahin chora aur Khuda ne kabhi humara bharosa nahin tora (Thank God, she’s okay now, she can cook and take care of herself. There was a time when I was taking care of the house and working at the same time. We never lost faith in God and God never let us down)

In a world where we feel like our trivial problems seem like they’re the end of the world, we hear stories like this one that puts things in perspective for everyone. It shows us that people have it a lot worse but they’re still holding on to positivity.

There are many people out there that don’t have the luxury of family. They have no one to fall back on and have to hold their world up on their shoulders all by themselves.

Stories like this one warm our hearts – that love can conquer all, and that men like this who care so much about their wives – that they’d drop everything to go take care of her – still exist.

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