This 15 year-old Pakistani girl won 3 medals in wrestling from USA

Nida Ali Jamali, a 15 year old from Sindh Pakistan has been studying in the US as part of a Youth Exchange Program.  She is a brilliant student that has gone on to break school records at Marysville High School – specifically by scoring 117% in US History. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough, she had been enrolled in different sports and is a brown belt in Martial arts. 

When she first got to the US she realized she was interested in Wrestling too, all her wrestling training is very recent yet, she won 3 medals in her first ever wrestling tournament! 
Wrestling is a sport where athletes contend by grappling with and striving to trip or throw an opponent down or off balance. This sport requires a lot of strategy and strength. It isn’t an easy sport to participate in. 

But that didn’t stop Nida – she won in every category she participated in. 

Nida is a brilliant student and an excellent athlete at a very young age. She’s made Pakistan Proud. Pakistanis all over twitter have been posting about her expressing their happiness!

Thanks to Nida, more women would be inspired to look the sport up, maybe many of them too would participate and this could be the start of something great. We might start to see more and more women participating in different sports now! 

Wrestling has always been a male dominated sport in Pakistan. We would’ve never thought we’d even see a girl participate in a wrestling event let alone win it. 

Nida Ali Jamali, we are proud of you!

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