WATCH | This one-of-a-kind Syrian market is run exclusively by women!

This market in Syria is not the typical bazaar you see. It is different and unique in a way that you don’t see often. The market is purely run by an all-female staff.

The unique bazaar

The market has started just recently through a fund provided by an organization that supports women. Two months back, this market was initiated by 14 women and according to a worker at the market, Fakhriya Haciri, they are really happy with it and the stock isn’t expensive too. This was basically started to provide maximum jobs to women and also to sell the basic necessities (edibles) in an affordable range to the local people.

The founder of the market, Abir Hoban said that women here are really happy. They work there in a good environment and they are thinking of ‘expanding’ the business. Not only the workers, but the locals and buyers are highly satisfied with this bazaar and how it provides everything in an affordable price range along with good customer service. Many have started shopping only from this women run bazaar for their needs.

Watch the video here:

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