Supreme Court urges executives to protect women’s rights in inheritance

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has expressed its concerns over the inability in protecting women’s rights in inheritance.

In a nine-page judgment passed by Justice Qazi Faez Isa, it was penned down that despite their continuous orders, and emphasis on the fact that measures have to be taken to ensure women are given their rights in inheritance, there is inaction from the concerned parties. The judgment further read that the few women who have the resources to take their brothers to court for their due right, as in the current case, are embroiled in gradual litigation.

The case for which this judgment was passed started in 2008 and took 13 years to reach a verdict. During this time, it has also seen its way through four courts.

A division bench of Justice Isa and Justice Yahya Afridi heard the case about a sister being deprived of her due inheritance.

Justice Isa said that to ensure such cases don’t come to court again, prevention is the only way. The state needs to protect the rights of women, which is easier, cheaper, and more efficient, instead of seeing how such cases pan out in court.

The court said that it is regrettable that in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, men continue to snatch rights away from women through different tactics and strategies.

Since the shares of a deceased Muslim’s property are clearly described in the Quran and Shariah, denying someone their right is disobedience to Allah Almighty’s decree. Hence, those who do so might experience temporary benefit in this world, but they will indeed be held accountable in the hereafter.

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