[VIDEO] See how this food blogger called a man out for ‘Eve-teasing’ outside Kaspas in Islamabad

Neha Yusuf is a food blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. On an average day, she’ll be out tasting and reviewing at different restaurants so she can tell her audience about it. 

This time, she went out and had something different to tell her followers.

Neha was joined with her younger cousin at a dessert place in Islamabad. After they were finished with their food they went outside to wait for their Careem. 

This is when they noticed a man roaming around them, constantly catching him looking at them. 

Sounds familiar? Every woman you’ve ever known HAS had this happen to her in some form. If you think they haven’t – start asking questions and listening. 

Women in Pakistan grow up with the sixth sense of knowing exactly when they’re being looked at, for how long the gaze is held, to figure out if it seems like the person will move on? And if we feel like they won’t, we figure out our exit strategy. 

The man proceeds to send over a flower selling child to hand them some flowers from him. 

Considering how young Neha’s cousin was and how he had been stalking them, this behavior is ridiculously creepy and inappropriate. After this, they felt so disgusted that they canceled their careem and called their mother to pick them up instead. They went back inside to wait for her to come.

The girls had to change their plan because they didn’t feel ‘safe enough’ to leave. 

But this man wasn’t done yet. He follows them inside the restaurant, proceeding to sit and ogle at them.

At this point, Neha’s anger was peaking. 

As soon as Neha’s mother joined them they decided to confront the man and film it. They had been filming him following them and staring at them this whole time. As he’s confronted in the most powerful yet polite way, his face turns red and he says I haven’t done anything “I’m not doing it” to be exact. But later says “Sorry”.

If you aren’t guilty of something like this you’d never ever say sorry for it. 

Eve teasing is NOT okay.

People who feel like they have all the power in the world and can go ahead and make women feel unsafe outdoors need to be exposed. Time is up and women no longer stay quiet about this behavior. If you’re okay enough making them feel unsafe you should know that in the era of camera phones – your face will be all over social media and your families WILL see it. 

To anyone who is going to ask “how is this harassment?” – Any action which annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety is labeled as ‘Harassment’. If your actions tick any of these boxes for someone, you’re harassing them. 

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