Sadaf Kanwal’s comments under Shahroz Sabzwari’s insta photos have made us think otherwise

Over the past weekend there’s been a rumor making its rounds on social media, it stated that Actors Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Shahroz have filed for divorce. 

The couple had gotten married 7 years ago and have a daughter together. Since they got married, they’ve held a special place in everyone’s heart because of how genuine and in love they’ve always come across as. People have always rooted for them. 

But somehow, from somewhere, the rumor of their divorce started. It went as far as to say that Shahroz had cheated on Syra with model Sadaf Kanwal, whom the actor had worked with in the last few months

As the news hit, people lost their minds! They couldn’t believe that the couple they loved and rooted for for so long had called it quits.

And so, as it usually goes the people took it to social media. Horrible comments were posted on Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwaris Instagram posts – some that no one should ever have to read. 

On Monday evening, Shahroz took it to twitter to clear up the rumors by addressing the public saying that the couple hasn’t filed for divorce, they’ve only been separated, no decision for a divorce has been made yet. 

He also went on to say that he has met Sadaf in a professional setting and is deeply hurt by the fact that the public has brought her too into all of this. 
He asks why their name was dragged through the mud the way that it was, why was the news nor confirmed and spread around like it was? 

None of them said anything about this, not him, not syra and not either of their families. Then how did the people let this rumour spread like wildfire over the course of 24 hours? 

Well, it all started because people saw the comments that were frequently made by Sadaf on Shahroz’s Instagram photos. 

Some thought that it seems a little fishy why she comments on almost every picture he uploads and then the rumour spread further when they were allegedly seen dining out a few times over the past few weeks. 

The final blow was after Shahroz put up his official statement – a lot of the public thought it was really weird how much he talked about Sadaf and protecting her “honor”, how bothered he’s been that her names been dragged into this whole thing and said very few words about his Wife Syra. 

We kinda do feel you alveena…

But hey, maybe it’s just a friend looking out for another friend ??‍♀️
What do you think? 

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  • Huawei says:

    Maa lg rahi hai sehroz mi, r
    Jitna bara sadaf ka munh hai is ne shehroz ko pura nigal jana hai.. ?

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