Producer sues her drama’s lead actors Agha Ali & Hina Altaf for fraud

Nosheen Agha of Nosh Films had said in an interview late 2019 that Hina Altaf and Agha Ali left a show she was producing, stating that she had suffered an enormous financial setback.

According to Nosheen (who is the producer of the drama), Hina and Agha along with members of the production team had run away from the shoot mid filming without notifying anyone.

She went on to claim that the two leads and production team were paid Rupees 1.45 Million in advance and that instead of her show being completed the actors and team ran away with the money and wouldn’t return it.

Their contracts stated that they needed to be filming from November 3 – November 23, the producer had made living arrangements for the cast in F-6 & F-7 Islamabad.

But it is alleged that Altaf left the set on November 16 and took with her Rupees 12 Million.

A day later, Sohail Iftikhar and Gul Zaib Nawaz fled taking with them the drama script, contracts, finished video files and other valuable items.

Nosheen Agha’s lawyer stated that SHO Kohsar Police had refused to register the FIR even though she was the first to take action.

On Friday, January 10, 2020, a local court ordered that an FIR be registered against actress Hina Altaf, actor Agha Ali and director of production Sohail Iftikhar Khan, as well as production manager Gul Zaib Nawaz.

Actor Agha Ali said:

“No one has left the shooting spell. There were at least more than 40 people on the set including the actors, DOPS, technical staff and other crew members who were not paid on time. Everyone gave her a favor and we all kept working till the situation worsened,”

The actress Hina Altaf had similar views saying:

“Nothing of this sort has happened – and I have screenshots of my conversation with her which I can reveal to media when needed.”

Something like this hasn’t happened in Pakistan’s TV industry in a really long time. It’s really shocking to see a producer sue her drama’s lead actors and the production team.

It’s also hard to believe how 4 people can do something like this and get away with it. We wait to hear from the defendants to further make sense of this whole ordeal.

his is still a developing story and will be updated as more information comes to light.

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