Prank results in the death of a blind beggar in Lahore as youngsters pumped air into his belly

In an unfortunate incident, a prank took the life of a visually-impaired beggar in Lahore on Wednesday. A blind beggar was walking on the road when some youngsters planned to play a prank on him at the puncture shop located in Lahore – a prank that had a horrifying end result!

According to the FIR lodged by the victim’s father, Noor Mohammad, some young men allegedly pumped air into the beggar’s belly using a compressor at a tire shop in Lahore’s Kahna area. The suspects, who also include the owner of the shop, took 42-year-old Iqbal to the rear portion of the shop, overpowered him and pumped air into his belly using a compressor.

Because of the air pressure, Iqbal’s condition got critical and he started bleeding. As his condition worsened, the suspects fled the scene. Iqbal was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Doctors declare massive internal bleeding as the cause of his death,

The police registered a case against the suspect and have already launched an investigation into the case. An official informed that the key suspect in the murder has been arrested.

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  • Muhsin says:

    I think every frank now a days should be banned because these franks doing people don’t care about the lives of anocent people, rather they prefer to get views and earn money on these franks videos. These franks also demolishes the self respect of every person.

  • Mofeed says:

    We should give great punishment to these guys

  • Tehmina Mohsin says:

    Shame on doing such life threatening pranks they should be punished

  • sayyab ahmed says:

    Awam ko in pranksters k khilaf kuch karna chahey kahi koi kisi office jaty shakhs k kapry khrab kar deta ha prank k chkr main…. Kahi koi kisi young larki ko harass kr k bolta ha prank tha or kahi esy serious waqyat peda ho jaty hain kisi jahil k prank k chkr main 🙁

  • Anabia Fatima says:

    What a barbaic incident. Culprits should b punished.
    Entering air in his abdomen how cruel?!on what level of pshyconess tjese perpetrator were? How this could be a prank???? Its cold Blooded

  • Shah g says:

    Kya ho gya awam ko sastiii shoohrat k liy logo ki jaaan leny lag gay ?

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