Man shoots wife dead because his sehri wasn’t hot enough

A man was arrested in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for killing his wife. This is a headline we see almost every day. What makes this case even worse is that this woman was killed because her husbands sehri wasn’t hot enough for him.

The 19-year-old victim had married her cousin only two months ago. They were still in the “honeymoon phase” of marriage.

Her father was present at the house and was performing ablution when he heard the sound of a gunshot come from his daughter’s room. When he went to check what happened, he found her dead, in a pool of blood.

Her husband escaped from the crime scene

However, her father registered and FIR immediately and the husband was arrested shortly after.

This isn’t the first time women have died over food in Pakistan. Sadly, this is something that keeps happening. A few months ago we saw the story of the girl who was killed because she served a roti that wasn’t round enough and the two sisters who were killed for serving their brother an incomplete lunch.

Instances like this tell you what the famous Aurat March slogans really talked about. Issues that were deemed “not real enough” are actually real. “Apna khana khud garam karo” is talking about a real issue. How many women have to die over the temperature of food? How hard is it to just get up and warm it up to your liking if it’s not hot enough? Is this something that women should be killed over? NO.

Pakistani women continue to face violence like this at home. Parents keep losing their daughters over things like this. None of this is okay. There’s no “other side of the story”. It’s about time we stop asking “kuch aur baat bhi hogi, kuch toh usney kiya hoga” and start holding these abusers accountable for their abuse.

If you or anyone you know is facing abuse at home and need help, they can get it by contacting “1099”. This number is active from 10 am-10 pm every day. Alternatively, you can dial 0333-9085709 on Whatsapp for both calls and texts.

  • MAC says:

    Main problem in Pakistan is that men don’t consider women a human being but a commodity which they want to use for their pleasure, it may be sex, cooking etc. until we give respect to our women as humans, nothing will change.

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