One woman vs 3 men – Tahira Abdullah OWNS Khalil ur Rehman on Live Television!

Any news related to Khalil ur Rehman being called out is great but imagine him getting called out on live television and that too by *wait for it* a WOMAN!
And a woman who KNOWS what in the heck she’s talking about

Now that’s breaking news for us!

*cue massive applause*

Tahira Abdullah

Tahir Abdullah needs no introduction. But for those not familiar with her awesomeness, she is a renowned Pakistani human rights activist and full-on supporter of gender equality. She is also a representative of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HCRP) as well as the Women’s Action Forum (WAF).

She was recently called in to talk about gender equality on a television program along with producer, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and journalist, Owais Touheed.

Gender EQUALITY and Khalil ur Rehman Qamar together in one room? What could go wrong?

Well unfortunately for Qamar but super fortunately for us, we kinda got to experience history in the making. (Well, feminism history at least)

She is literal GOALS man

Owning Khalil ur Rehman and other sexists with her apt explanation, she stated that Feminism was not the name of an organization but a revolutionary view, an understanding and belief that women, too, were human beings.

Straight up roasting Khalil, Tahira retorted, “You want to talk about equality, rights, who’s a good woman or a bad woman, who’s a loyal woman, who’s worthy of respect but my respect and my dignity is not in the hands of any man to give or take.”

Okay, we totally love her!

“My rights are not in the hands of men to give or take; I was born with them, said the activist.”

All equipped & ready for battle, Tahira held up a tiny book of our Constitution adding, “And those rights are protected by the Constitution of Pakistan. No one is going to give me my rights nor do I have to ask. Why should we ask men for them? We were born with them!”

It’s safe to say her amazing oratory skills put Khalil ur Rehman in his place – of (sadly for him) not being the ‘best feminist’ man around.

She left the whole studio speechless kinda looking like:

Commenting on the double standards placed on loyalty by men like Khalil ur Rehman, she explained, “Women by nature are supposed to be faithful and if they can’t be, they’re bad women. Men by nature are supposedly not faithful and if they cheat, well, it’s who they are.”


The internet blew up with praise and applause for Tahira’s very eloquently put ‘schooling’ of Khalil ur Rehman over the actual meaning & concept behind ‘feminism’ & gender equality.

Surprisingly even the men came out supporting Tahira & her beliefs!

This guy, however, might be needing extra one-on-one classes from Ms.Tahira herself…

Maybe even teach him the correct spelling of ‘fehnism’ while we’re at it

Also kudos to Muneeb Qadir for being one of the first to share the video on Facebook, commending Tahira’s slaying skills! P.s we totally credited you here- you deserve it!

For everyone who wants to see the epic thrashing in action courtesy Tahira Abdullah, here’s the video!
You can thank us later
  • O says:

    I totally respect your views but I think you also took the extreme stance, whereas history concern the descions made by this lady cause some serious damges example retired cheif justice iftikhar CHAUDRY, so vise Peroson always learn from the other vise person, and the best choice is none other than the greatest of all times prophet MOHAMMAD P. B. U

  • Rameez says:

    Khalil-ur-Rehman is absolutely right, the other person was like Oh my daughter cant wear t-shirt, what a shame, and that old lady was beating about the bush, furthermore, the anchor is totally rubbish.

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