Not safe even in the ICU? Ward boy sexually molests handicapped woman – CCTV footage reveals all

Hospitals are places where we go to, to seek help. Be it physical or mental pain we place all our hope and trust in the hands of the doctors and their staff who are trying to help us. But what if the very people we trust for our care and safety try to take advantage of our vulnerability? This exact thing happened on the 27th of November in a private hospital in Karachi.

Arshad Rana took his wife, who was suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), to a private hospital to get her checked by a doctor. Multiple Sclerosis is a potentially disabling disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It can cause deterioration or permanent damage to the nerves. In short, you lose most of your locomotory functions & you become dependent on other people for basic functions and tasks.
Arshad’s wife was in the later stages of MS as she was unable to move around on her own, drink water or even think for her own self.

After her checkup, the hospital suggested she be admitted into the Intensive Care Unit so she could get the care and attention she needed to get better. Her husband politely obliged, trusting the doctor’s opinion. Little did they know what was waiting in store for her.

As per the hospitals visitation policy -no one was allowed to stay with the patients in the ICU overnight. So the family was given the assurance that the hospital staff would be there around the clock to take care of the patients. The family bid their farewells and returned to their homes.

The culprit caught in the act. Thank-God for this new age of technology and gadgets.

The next morning brought a horrifying revelation. Arshad arrived at the hospital only to find his crying wife, struggling to speak in a state of complete shock and distress. He knew something had gone wrong and he immediately contacted the police. He demanded to see the CCTV footage of the main ICU ward from last night. After the police had arrived shortly, the review of the footage confirmed his worst fears.

Of the ones being caught, what about the others who never even get noticed? This needs strict action.

The footage revealed the culprit. A ward boy who was on duty for the night, locked the ICU door & knew exactly where he wanted to go. He immediately attempted to sexually assault the poor woman who was not even capable of defending her own self from his nasty grip.

He was promptly taken into custody and is currently being held at the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Police station.

We see cases like this in Pakistan everyday. We also see people defend rape or attempted rape cases saying “a womans dress compells a man to act this way

If that were the case- children, patients or even dead women wouldn’t be getting assaulted everyday.

We need to start understanding that men are not like animals. Men are capable of thinking and making a logical decision. They are not brainless. Nothing can make them rape anyone. Rape is an act of grave violence. If someone does this, they do it fully knowing what they do.

There’s no excuse, no “other side of the story” the only reason for rape is the rapist. Nothing else.

The only question that remains is how long will this go on for? We need a proper hiring criteria as well as strict consequential repercussions to tackle problems of these sort. Till then, nothing will ever change in our country.

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