No parent should have to see this day!

A seven-year-old girl, Hooz Noor from Kaka Sahib, Nowshera went about her day and left her house to go to her madrasah – little did she know she’d never return.

Children are little humans, we can’t keep them caged and in our sights at all times. They need to go to school, madrasahs or to the parks.

Even if you’re a helicopter parent, there will be a time where your child is out of your sight.

The same happened with HoozNoor, she had gone to her usual class when two men kidnapped her. When the family noticed that she didn’t come home at the usual time they got worried and started looking for her.

What they encountered was a parent’s worst nightmare – they found two men trying to strangle her. When the men realized they had been seen, they threw the child into a water tank.

By the time they got to the tank – she had already passed away.

The residents who witnessed this ended up catching the two men and wanted to burn them alive but handed them over to the authorities instead and they were arrested.

According to the police, she had been raped before she was murdered.

The cause of death so far was said to be drowning.

They further added that the men had confessed to raping the child when they were interrogated. The heart-wrenching interview of Hooz Noor’s father spread over social media.

He is seen appealing to the Prime Minister to ensure his daughter gets justice and that the men be publicly executed.

He added that the last things his daughter had said to him were:

“Baba, when will you come home?”
“Please get me chocolates and a backpack”

He is seen breaking down as he says this.


What were they supposed to do? Keep their daughter locked in the house so something like this doesn’t happen? It is realistically impossible to do that!

We need extreme punishment for crimes as gruesome as this one.

How many more Zainabs and HoozNoors are we still going to see?

We need to put an end to this and show potential rapists and murderers that if they do anything like this they will have to face the consequences! How long before something drastic is actually done about this?

  • Maryam says:

    Jb tk islam k mutabik saza ni di jaye gi hm pta ni kitne phoolon ko marta dekhain gay
    #justice for Hooznoor

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