National Volleyball player mysteriously ‘falls to his death’

Friends are supposed to be there for you through thick and thin. They are your support system when everything seems to be going wrong. They pull you out of your deepest darkest phase and lighten up your world. They are the ones you can count on for your ‘life,’ but sadly this wasn’t the case for Chaudhry Mohsin Farooq Samoot also known as Mohsin Samoot.

Mohsin Samoot was a famous national volley ball player who was murdered on the 26th of November 2019. The murder took place in Bahria Town Islamabad. He fell from the 5th floor of a multi-story building and was already dead when taken to the hospital. His friends told the police that he ‘fell’ from the 5th floor of the building. However, Mohsin’s uncle claims that he was murdered by his friends. He lodged a murder complaint against them with the police.

Investigation shows that 30-year- old Mohsin came to the capital along with his friends and rented two flats in an apartment building. One was on the 3rd floor and the other on the 5th. Later on, they were joined by a group of women. Mohsin and a few people went to the 5th floor, whereas the rest remained on the 3rd floor. After sometime, Mohsin mysteriously fell off or was pushed off of the 5th floor. The women fled the scene whereas his friends took him to the hospital. He died on the way.

 Some of his friends claim that the motive of his murder is professional jealousy. The deceased suffered head injuries and fractures. The police have arrested four of his friends that are accused of his murder. Efforts are also being made to track down the women.

The death news of Mohsin sent shock-waves throughout the nation. His funeral was carried out in his village and was attended by thousands of people.

The Alleged CCTV footage of the player falling to his death can be seen here.

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