Muazzin sexually assaults young boy, bribes him with 10 rupees for his silence

Police have arrested a muazzin over allegedly assaulting a minor boy in Muzaffargarh. The victim’s father lodged a FIR on the 17th of December at Sethpur station under section 377 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Muazzin is a person who leads the call to prayer in Mosques

According to the Fir, the victim who is the complainant’s son went to a mosque which was nearby to study Quran. The boy returned home early which was very unusual. He was also very upset and crying. He told his father about the unfortunate event.

In the FIR it was also mentioned that the suspect visits the mosque on a daily basis and is a muazzin there. He took the boy outside the Tadrees-e-Quran room where he sexually assaulted him. As a bribe, he even offered the little boy 10 rupees, which the victim refused and ran home and told his father.

Malik Shariff Malana, who is a house officer at Sethpur Station, stated that they arrested the suspected man as soon as they heard about the incident. A case has been registered against him.

News of such sort are some what of a norm these days- there’s so many of them happening that it doesn’t strike us as shocking anymore. At least the fact that more awareness is being created and children are speaking up about their unfortunate encounters more openly – are signs that these might be the changes we need to hold these sexual predators accountable in society.

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