Mr. Prime Minister, Who prepared your guest list?

The setting

This weekend, the Prime Minister of Pakistan met with the top digital creators and publishers of Pakistan for an informal question/answer session about Pakistan and what is to be expected from the Government in 2020.

The Pakistan Election of 2018 saw record-breaking participation from all over the country. A lot of the people who had never voted before came out to vote, young adults who had just turned 18 were excited to cast their first votes for someone they truly believed in and felt like he’d be the key to turning it all around.

A lot of the same people were left disappointed when they saw things getting worse, they don’t really understand why things still aren’t changing? Who’s going to tell us what is going on? Will things ever get better?

Influencers/Digital creators were called to join in since they influence thousands (if not millions) of Pakistanis – especially the youth that is usually not the most active in political discussions. It’s impossible for the Government to tell each one of us so they call the top creators.

But the guest list might’ve been a little too problematic.

Amongst creators like Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi and Humna Raza, who actively inform their followers about social and political issues making a positive impact we even saw influencers like Umar Khan also known as Ukhano and Junaid Akram who have been well, problematic, to say the least.

How is it okay for someone who has been accused by several women for online harassment,

was known nationwide for attempting to rape a model and proceeded to shut down all these women and threatened to file lawsuits against the ones that were coming out – to be in the presence of the Prime Minister in his home next to people who are actually make a POSITIVE difference?

Every woman on the planet after seeing Ukhano, Junaid Akram & Imran Khan in one frame :

Ever since the first pictures of the event came out people have had issues with bloggers like Hira Attique and Hemayal Attique for being there considering they’re mainly beauty bloggers. Questions rose up almost immediately- Why were these women there?

No one’s really asking why harassers get a free pass?

Our sentiments, exactly

Considering this event honors the creators that were invited, is it okay for the government to openly associate with men that have had tons of evidence piled up against them? Are these the people who will be sending out the government’s message to the general public?

Won’t that taint the message?

We wonder, as much as the new government pushes using young digital creators to reach out to the youth of Pakistan, shouldn’t their teams be researching the people they give the privilege of being there?

How many people do you think were there based only on the number of followers that they have and NOT on the content they produce or WHO they are as a person?

  • Mahmood Hayat says:

    Yes your concern is valid. Kindly check my latest post, it is not only the ethical and moral issue, there is more to it on a global standard.

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