Monster father throws 9-month-baby off his own roof in Lahore

Parents are meant to protect, nurture and care for their children. To make sure no harm comes to them at any cost. But something quite the opposite took place a few days earlier which left us all speechless.

A man in Lahore allegedly threw his 9-month-old baby off his own roof after he had a quarrel with his wife.

Yes, read that again. A man threw his own son off his own house. Hard to even imagine that, isn’t it? Being vindictive towards your own flesh and blood?

According to the police, the two suspects namely the father of the baby- Naveed and his brother-in-law- Sunny Patras, were arrested after a First Investigation Report FIR was filed on behalf of the nine-month-old’s mother.

The mother of the baby recalled the devastating incident quoting that her brother-in-law visited the house and inquired why her daughter was crying. She jokingly responded that it was his presence that was annoying her.

Upon hearing this, both her Husband and her brother-in-law started fuming with anger. As the two men’s spat with her escalated, they took the nine-month-old to the roof of their house and in blind rage threw her over the edge.

The infant who had sustained critical injuries, was immediately taken to the hospital where she succumbed to her wounds.

This horrifying incident leaves us all wondering but one thing-
Could we ever expect a PARENT to do something so indescribably atrocious?

Will this man be allowed to walk free? Will he receive the punishment he deserves? Is there even any punishment fit enough to make him suffer for his act?

In a society like ours where women have often been oppressed, the occurrence of such incidents further strengthens the primitive beliefs of the past – girls/females/women are disposable.

People are capable of such evil things. We can all but pray and hope that one day our society and its people can change for the better.

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