“Mein aurat ko agar rulata hoon toh uski waja hoti hai” – Syed Muhammad Ahmed

Pakistani actor Syed Muhammad Ahmed is a face we’ve all grown to love. The resident Dad in TV for the past few months has a special place in everyone’s hearts now. Even though he doesn’t always survive the full series we love however much we get to see of him. Whether it’s him as Sameera’s Father in Ruswai or the all-knowing Tea break dost Mateen Sahab from Merey pass tum ho, he embodies all his roles with finesse.

While on the BOL Nights with Ahan Khan he was asked why he doesn’t write anymore? His response was

“I don’t write well”

When Ahan Khan disagrees he says: “Channel walon se poocho woh kehtey hain na ke apko likhna nai ata, outdated likhtey hain. Toh meine likhna chor diya” (Ask the channels, they all say you can’t write, you write things that are really outdated. So I stopped writing)

He’s then asked what is it about his writing that’s so outdated that no channel wants to work with him? He says Mein aurat ko rulata hoon toh uski koi waja hoti hai (If the female lead cries in my story, there’s a legitimate reason behind it)

“Mein na Talaaqon pe itna karta hoon believe or na he sasson pe” (I don’t believe in writing about divorces and mother-in-laws)

These two topics are the bulk of what TV serials portray these days.

It’s said that “Log dekhtey he yeh hain” (That’s what the people want to watch). Why is the general Pakistani public viewed as though they just want to sit and watch women cry about household issues? Why degrade your audience to a level where you think that they can’t even comprehend any content beyond this?

Syed Muhammad Ahmed talking about this is pretty big. So far we haven’t really heard this said by someone so clearly that’s actually in the spotlight and it’s about time someone said something.

He went on to add “Rape aur talaqein dikha dikha ke itna pathar dil kardiya hai ke sarak pe lash pari ho toh ap saath se guzar jatey hain” (We’ve seen so much content about divorces and rapes that it’s made us all numb. If people see a dead body on the street they walk right past it)

This is hard to hear but it is the truth. By seeing rape and abuse in dramas all the time, they become part of our lives. It becomes “normal” to see or hear about it.

When did it get this way? How did it get so far?

It’s time that we as the audience speak up. This ISN’T the content we demand. No one “demands” dramas about rape and abuse. We’re able to understand and watch content that isn’t heart wrenching too. Channels need to wake up, and do better.

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