Did Mehwish Hayat just say that she will be running for elections in 2028?

She is here, yep, in the limelight – once again! Pakistani star actress Mehwish Hayat has made the headlines quite often during 2019 and she is ending the year with one as well, as she hints that she might be running for elections in 2028.

It came soon after Hayat was allotted the title of the second sexiest woman in Pakistan, which she blatantly rejected. ”These sort of lists should now be confined to history,” Hayat said. She added that “talent, on merit, on intellect, on wit…but not on physical attributes.”

Appreciating her words, followers poured in words of appreciation. One commented that it is one of the ”sexiest” tweets he had read, suggesting her to run for the premiership after it.

”That is one of the sexiest tweets I’ve read!! A small step for feminism but a giant leap towards Premiership! #MehwishHayat2023.”

esponding to it, she dropped an interesting hint


We are totally voting for her! Are you!?

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