Meera Jee stuck in the US with only $300, Pleads to PM Imran Khan for help

Meera Jee had left for America to begin shooting for her film “Long Distance”. She went along with a few other actors including Humayun Saeed. The actress stayed in the United States while her colleagues made the journey back to Pakistan weeks ago.

Now, she’s stuck there.

Meera uploaded a video revealing everything she’s going through right now. She starts off by saying “It’s 2 AM and I’m trapped in a hotel room in New York”. New York is now the epicentre of the coronavirus COVID-19. The death rates are skyrocketing each day. It’s a very scary place to be in right now.

She revealed that she has no savings and is left with only $300 for her survival.

Meera goes on to say how “New York is becoming a graveyard, people are dying every day. I don’t want to die in a foreign land”

The actress continues and pleads to the Prime Minister Imran Khan by saying “You’ve always supported us artists, I ask that arrangements be made to get me back home to Pakistan. I want to die in my country”

After the video went live, a lot of people made fun of Meera. As they always do. The point of her plea was totally missed and she was ridiculed on social media.

To this, she replied by saying that her plea was made to the Prime Minister as a citizen of Pakistan. Her request to be brought back home is her right, just as it would be anyone else’s. She said that she is disappointed that people have taken this serious time to make fun of her.

She urges everyone to pray that she returns safely, back to her home country where she belongs.

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