Mansehra: Father brutally guns down his own daughter after she marries without his consent

As we run through the 2nd out of the 12 months of the year, the things that happen in our country make us step back and think

“Where are we headed?” “Is there any hope for us?”

This week, a father killed his daughter in Mansehra. Her crime? She married the man she chose for herself without her fathers’ consent.

In Pakistan, you can be old enough to get married, but not old enough to choose who you want to get married to. Dare you, as an adult decide that you want to embark on the lifelong journey anyway, you risk not only losing your family – but your life too.

The woman’s father Muhammad Shakir, barged into her in-laws home with his loaded gun. Her mother-in-law, Yasmeen Bibi was witness to it all. He fired all his rounds towards his daughter, succeeding in what he came to do. The bullets left her severely wounded – lying on the kitchen floor.

She was rushed to the hospital, but she sucummbed to her wounds.

Another woman, killed in the name of “honor”. Cases like this one emerge every single day in Pakistan. So many that a lot of us haven’t even realized how desensitized we’ve become to these. It’s become “normal” to hear about women being killed every day.

This needs to change. We need to do more than just nod and say a silent prayer for the deceased. We need to speak up BEFORE something like this happens.

If you hear of anyone not being treated right, if you overhear women being hit in the night – don’t just say “Yeh unkey ghar ka mamla hai” It’s not anymore. If we start intervening when things are at loud arguments, maybe we can save a lot of lives overall.

Reach out to the victims, reach out to the authorities – anyone. We can no longer sit idle while human beings around us die just because someone’s ego was hurt. It needs to end.

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