Man beats his wife to death for giving birth to another girl

Abdullah Soomro and his wife, Yumna Soomro, lived in the Dadu district of Sindh. They, like most Pakistani couples had wanted children. The first two they had ended up being girls. The third one was Yumna’s “final chance” to give birth to a boy.

This is a common sentence said to women in Pakistan. “You have to birth a boy this time, we want a boy”. As if it’s up to the woman to go fill a form and check “boy” and voila, baby boy appears!

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know, a mans DNA contains the chormosones XY while the womans DNA contains XX. The only thing that the gender of the baby depends on is the mans sperm. If it contains more X – it’s a girl. If it contains more Y – it’s a boy.

Men are the only ones that have anything to do with their child’s gender

Yumna’s had just given birth to her third child but she wasn’t able to feel the joy of being the child’s mother as it was a girl. She’d given life to a baby girl and said goodbye to her own.

When Abdullah found out his third child was a girl too, He beat Yumna with a steel rod – until she died.

Sadly, she wasn’t alone. There are thousands of Yumna’s all across Pakistan that die everyday because of the same reason. The quest for the “boy child” leads to not only the mothers being beaten, thrown out or killed but baby girls are aborted, abandoned and if they’re kept, they’re told every day what a liability they are because they’re not a boy.

In Pakistan, when there’s a woman wanting a child or expecting one, she’s still given the blessing “Allah beta de” instead of “Allah sehatmand aulaad de”. Why is it more important to have a boy in Pakistan than just a healthy baby?

When women demand their rights in Pakistan, they start with the right to live and have complete bodily autonomy. These are basic human rights that are still denied to countless women! To this day jahalat wins.

How can it be 2020 and people still kill women for things like this? When will Pakistanis fight against this the same way they shut down women for asking for the rights that they say “aren’t important”. Will there ever be a day where all the women in Pakistan feel safe from people like Abdullah? Will Yumna ever get justice?

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    Good topic and very well written! Keep it up!

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