14-year-old maid beaten to death by a doctor in Lahore

Doctors, we hear the title doctor and instantly think of a person that’s there to help. They are the saviors. The messiahs. Doctors take an oath of ethics – they swear to do no harm. 

But this isn’t what young Sana experienced. 

Sana was a 14-year-old girl working as a maid in a house in Lahore. Her employers were Doctor Humaira of Mansoora Hospital and her husband Junaid. 

Sana belonged to Hujra Shah Muqeem. Her parents sent her to work in Lahore since child labor is still considered acceptable in most parts of Pakistan. In fact, people specifically look for children to work at their houses because they are easy to control and unlike an adult, they can be easily manipulated.

ana moved to the city for her first job – little did she know that it would be her last.

The officer in charge of the investigation, Ejaz Rasul told the media that Sana died a painful death. She was regularly abused and had visible marks on her body, proving that she was tortured before her death. 

Dr. Humaira and Junaid would beat her up on trivial mistakes – mistakes that children are bound to make because children shouldn’t have to take care of anyone’s home. 

The vile employers had beaten up the child with a bailan (roller that is used to make Rotis) that left life-threatening bruises on her body. After doing so, they didn’t take her to the hospital. 

A doctor beat up a child – she could see the extent of Sana’a injuries, yet she was denied medical attention. 

When asked about her bruises, the employers said that “she fell down from the stairs” yet they couldn’t justify why she wasn’t taken to the hospital. Tuesday morning, Humaira and Junaid left for work, leaving the child covered with bruises and injuries. When they came back, she had succumbed to her wounds. 

She was only 14-years-old!

Chuhang circle DSP Raja Fakhar, visited the house and ordered that both Humaira and Junaid be arrested immediately. The two were taken in and will be presented before the court. 

Hiring young children and using them like replaceable rags is still very common in our country. The fact that a doctor would do something like this makes it even scarier to think about the type of people we still live around. 

~ This is a developing story and will be updated as more information is made public. 

  • Chamak chalo says:

    Pakistan mein doctors ke ye halaat hein.. unbelievable.
    Haiwaaan ho gaye hein loog..seriously

  • Mehboob Ali says:

    We are not human being, the educated people are most ignorent people in our society having no sense of humanity. God curse the cruel

  • Ali Haider says:

    I moved to Norway 2 years ago. When you come in developed country then you actually make a comparison. I have islamic thinking but here I feel we are even not Muslims. To be a Muslim is far behind at least be a human.


  • The Beauty UK says:

    Lock the up and throw away the key! That poor girl was a human being but treated like scum! She had dreams! She was worthy to live a happy joyful life! She was HUMAN! She was loved and will be missed! Shame on the devils who have taken the light from her and perilously destroyed her families life! How could they even dare to breathe now knowing that they will have to face the consequences?

  • Ch says:

    Hang the bastards

  • Khanum says:

    What has happened to our society

  • RUBINA says:

    First of all cancel the MBBS Degree of this so called Dr bcoz she’s not worth of carrying this label. As she’s a shame for all the Dr community , secondly she and her husband both should be charged with a murder , and should be getting the penalty of any other Murderer.NO deeat , should be allowed .

    • Anjum dar says:

      I think medical associations won’t help, neither the judicial system, they should be beaten repeatedly in police station until they die !

  • Mazhar says:


  • Wajiha Aamir says:

    They must be beaten the same way by the police and left in jail unattended.

  • RK says:

    Hang these pigs

  • Not Important says:

    This is a shameful and despicable act of assault and murder of this poor child.
    These so called Doctors should be stripped of their Doctorate and locked away for the duration of their lives.
    They have brought shame and disgrace on the good name of Islam.
    As It’s written in the Holy Quran “to take the life of one human being is compared to taking the life of all humanity”and a passage straight to Jahannam.
    That is their punishment in the hereafter but for now in this life this couple must be judged and if found guilty must be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.

  • Sonia says:

    This is happening Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.Where are Mullas with there fatwas where is humanity and ethics? so easy to become doctor bit impossible to be compassionate human .Whats the point no one should be able be around a child before they pass a psychology test of being sane and emapathic.Same goes for pedophiles.Children are being treated like doremats and this is sick ?

  • Akhlaq Abbasi says:

    I feel doctors and police are very evil minded people in Pakistan completely opposite to other countries.

  • Fizza says:

    Ruthless isn’t enough a word for the Dr & his wife. What is this world coming to ? Pray the couple are given exemplary punishment & not let off for a few lacs!

  • Jitamber Singh Bedi says:

    Fact remains that child labor is an accepted fact in the Subcontinent countries ………….. especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh……………..can’t say about Nepal Bhutan and Sri Lanka.
    Despite all our claims to greatness and glory we are essentially a backward society still living in the past and essentially third world poverty ridden nations where children from poor families are forced to work when they should be enjoying their childhood at home and in school.
    This girl’s death is a tragedy and its not the first or the last.
    Social reform is the need of the day, but sadly, it will be a long time before it happens in our countries ..
    ( if at all it happens )

  • Anila says:

    Nothing will happen these criminals will be released unharmed!! Just like three evil women were released just recently after killing and eating burgers with their maid s dead body in their car

  • M.AASIM says:

    What happend in our country? No any body save…..Every person to earn some money to die any person…..Doctors are big murder….he dont know that how behvior from any patient….i say doctors are big animal in our societ he dont know to save life of any patient…..

  • Zartash Moomi says:

    Injuries and brutality is visible then why only FIR . She should be in jail and should be punished by police publicly

  • Arslan says:

    Intense investigation should be conducted immediately, if they proved guilty. Cancel the doctor practice certificate and make them example. This is the time the lawyers should take revenge.

  • Nimra says:

    Omg… Child should be given the due justice. How people that are parents themselves could do such inhumane act.

  • Yourmum says:

    Hope these dirty pigs rot in jail

  • Raja sultan says:

    This couple should be taught how to respect other human beings that are less fortunate then them!!!

  • Ibrahim says:

    Horrible things done to the poor children of Pakistan. Dirtiest action by the so called Messiahs. Will she get the justice? Or Muk Muka?

  • Yakubu saleh says:

    They have to be punished according to their deed, it’s so pathetic

  • Shamim Syed says:

    Dr should be punished and taking away her/his medical license and ban to practice entire life.

  • Don says:

    They should be giving a penalty of life (99 yrs) in prison. No bail should be ever granted. Even a death penalty wouldn’t justify this evil act. A life in prison for rest of their lives and let them suffer and repent.

  • Sarah says:

    Another beautiful soul has been beaten to death, shame on such people who call themselves as doctors, child labour should b prohibited everyver, punish the culprits n beat them to death???
    RIP Sana?

  • Abid says:

    Hang both husband and wife till death

  • Cate Wawia says:

    I don’t care if you like the following statement or not,so here it is. The parents should also be charged for sending this precious girl out to work. What is wrong with everyone over there? Shame on them and especially shame on the perpetrators!

  • sandeep.k says:

    shame on this doctor couple.

  • KJ says:

    For such people, if you can call at all call them human beings, a very long mandatory jail sentence, like 25 years, is appropriate.

  • Insaf says:

    Government need to cancel their mbbs certificates and beat them like that girl .the dr Ms ans his wife shame on his life

  • Nurwatie says:

    A double death sentence are perfect for junaid and humaira

  • Qaiser says:

    Tragic….and where is Child Welfare Bureau and candle lighting enlightened ladies of the society….The doctor and his wife should be punished severely but they would walk scot free….thanks to our police and their sidekick judiciary

  • salman ali says:

    Hang that butcher doctor zero mercy plz

  • Qaisar says:

    This isn’t a story of Sana only. It will happen to our sisters and daughers in different ways, if they both are not hanged. It’s the only way to preserve humanity. We stand for humanity.

  • Ronica says:

    Death sentence for the doctors. Disgusting

  • Saleem says:

    What a sick society is. Completely silent. Nobody say anything. Poor kid

  • Adv. Munir says:

    The nature of the bruises on the victim’s body reveal the true mode leading to death; it is bit too early to blame unless the medical report is out!

  • Qamaar says:

    RIP beautiful soul ? ? hope somewhere beautiful awaits you on the other side ? ?

  • Rizvi says:

    So sad:(

  • Jessie says:

    Some people who think this is funny may your kids die at 14 years of age beaten to death.

  • Naveed Shahzad Bhatti. says:

    *ﷲپاک بہترین اِنصاف کرنے والا ہے*

  • Sheikh Hameed says:

    Jail the offender’s.

  • Fawzia Bayat says:

    Disgusting. Are these so called doctors Muslims or do they just have Arabic names.

    How dare they practice evil under the banner if Islaam.

    Lock them up for good & incarcerate them for murder of a child.

    Pakistan needs to upgrade their laws to ensure that there is NO CHILD LABOUR IN THEIR COUNTRY & frankly not in any country.

  • Shaheedah Daniels says:

    Death Sentence

  • Juanita Richards says:

    Subhuman troglodytes. Hang them!

  • Shakil Rehman Kazi says:

    This is a terrorism against underage children and both criminals must face a Tribunal dealing with such horrific cases . Both so-called Drs must be hanged in public if justice is seen delivered in Pakistan for child killers and abusers. One death is too many and so-called educated people who hire maids and servants must pay full price for their heinous crimes. Dua for lil girl pls.

  • Kash says:

    It would be great if you share where to complain about child labour issues .

  • ali says:

    Sangsar kar do inhay ya phaansi dedo. Sochnay ki kya baat hai.

  • Mohammed Ilyas says:

    horrendous …..this is the true face of pakistan where tge powerful get away with murder….yet…they think that khatam e nabuwat will take them to junnat….

  • Abdul Rehman says:

    For the countrol of such type of cruelties should punish the culpirts at any cost , either sins , & incidents will raises like this .
    Really ashamed on societies , police officials ,government, & on juridiciary ….

  • Hasan says:

    The world would be a better place without these two monsters Humaira and Junaid!! May they get azab in this dunya and the âkhirat for killing an innocent girl!!

  • Faiza khan says:

    May Allah punish them here and hereafter so badly the way they used to punish her.ameen I can’t imagine how could she tolerate their abuses alone with no one only Allah. Shouid be so scary .

  • Inam ur Rahman MD says:

    I am speechless. My other part of the heart says that they cannot be doctors. After so many years of education and training to save lives, how can they even think of abusing a child and then to murder her. I hope it is a fake news or they are not doctors. If this is true then our systems has gone into a very wrong direction. There no punishment which is enough for these two monsters

  • Farah says:

    Truly a horrendous and sickening act !!!This calls for stricter laws and punishment against those who carry out such barbaric acts against the weak ,vulnerable and innocent.
    May Allah give her soul peace and sabr to her family Ameen

  • Dr Ghazala Butt says:

    Shame on them , their licenses should be revoked. They should rot in jail and should be beaten daily to get the taste of their own medicine

  • joseph premanandan says:

    i could not imagine a doctor committing this heinous act leave alone a non physician doing this but i am not surprised this happening in a country like Pakistan where spousal abuse&honor killing is a norm .

  • Kay Mahay says:

    I hope those bastard doctors stay locked up in prison forever they killed that poor 14year old beautiful girl ….. I hope they get hanged too

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