Landlord murders man, tortures his wife for ‘quitting job’ in Bahawalnagar

In 110/6R in the Faqirwali area, Bahawalnagar, an influential employer, along with some accomplices, tortured a man and his wife for quitting their job. The man was killed while his wife was seriously injured.

Faqirwali Station House Officer (SHO) Pervaiz Akhtar Jatoi tells that Usman hired Ghulam Rasool and his wife Mumtaz Bibi for an inadequate salary. The poor couple had taken an advance of a thousand rupees from Usman.

Afterward, Rasool asked Usman for a raise in his wage and on refusal, the couple quit the job. They started working elsewhere.

SHO tells that Usman demanded them to return to his workplace or return the advance. The couple refused and asked for time to return the money. Usman did not agree to this and attacked the couple along with men armed with sticks and axes instead. 

ccording to Jatoi, upon interfering, Rasool’s brother-in-law Altaf was tortured as well.

 The attackers ran away immediately after wounding the three while the injured were taken to the Haroonabad THQ Hospital. Rasool was referred to Bahawal Victoria Hospital in Bahawalpur but he died on the way.

The police stated that on charges of attempted murder, a first information report was registered against Usman and four other people. Police told that the investigation had started and the search for suspects was in progress.

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