Man burnt alive to restore ‘honor’ in Khanewal

According to the sources, Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Jehanian Shams-Ud-Din told the media that a dead body was found in Khanewal last week. The man was not only killed, but the body was later burned as well. The incident has sent shock and horror waves in the locality. A suspect has been arrested as well.

DSP said that the initial investigations show the culprit first killed the victim and then set his dead body on fire. The suspect was irked by alleged illicit relationships between his cousin and the victim, which provoked the murder in the name of honor.

Acting vigilantly, the police arrested the alleged culprit within one hour after the incident was reported. DPO Khanewal said that the investigations are underway and necessary evidence has been collected from the location of the incident.

737 cases of honor killing reported in Pakistan in 1 year:

In patriarchal structures, where women are treated as an agency of men, honor killings still remain a sad reality of Pakistan. However, these crimes are not only restricted to one gender and most of these cases take lives of both men and women for choosing to live on their own terms.

Bakhat Jan was only 15-year-old when she along with her lover, Ghani Rehman, 17, were killed in the name of honor. Both teenagers were murdered by giving electric shocks by their own family members on the order of a tribal council in Karachi. Their crime? Both wanted to marry each other.

Another woman was murdered by her own husband for her wish to continue her job. When she refused to quit working in the factory she was employed in, he murdered her and cut her body into several pieces.

As reported by HRCP (The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), 737 cases of honor killing were reported between June 2017 and August 2018. What is more horrifying is that they are not even the exact statistics. Due to societal stigmatization, the majority of these cases go unreported.

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